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    124,64 € Immediately deliverable tax incl. excl. shipping
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    This is the first experimental kit by Wilesco.The steam engine kit (D5) together with a dynamo and some electronic components are combined to an experimental and learning unit. After the assembly of the steam engine there is nothing left to hinder the proverbial grasp of electrical devices.The dynamo engenders sufficient tension to light up the LEDs in...

    124,64 € tax incl. excl. shipping
    Immediately deliverable
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    46,24 € Deliverable from ext. Warehouse tax incl. excl. shipping
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    The dynamo can be fixed to nearly all stationary steam engines and supplies then the energy which is necessary to set up and test all experiments according to the accompanying booklet.

    46,24 € tax incl. excl. shipping
    Deliverable from ext. Warehouse
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items