Wilesco D32 Steam Engine


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Wilesco steam engine D32 el

Return of a legend!

The most powerful steam engine from Wilesco is back. After more than 40 years, Wilesco will produce a limited edition. The black painted base plate in combination with the grey an red cylinder base and the nickel plated elements gives the D32 a unique look. It is the first electric heated steam engine with a smoking chimney and it has more features than all other steam engines.

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Firing Solid fuel
Weight 3.1 kg
Length x Width x Height 460 x 170 x 230 mm

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The heat resistant boiler with a volume of 1000 cm3 will be heated electrically. The boiler has a nickel plated and polished cover for a better heat supply. The instrument panel contains the steam supply valve, the pressure gauge and unique for the D32 el is the tachometer for the fly wheel. The steam valve navigates the steam supply to the biggest self starting aggregate from Wilesco. With the hand lever on the instruction panel, you can run or stop the movement of the transmission which is powered by the efficient brass cylinders. Additionally a generator (V12) and the water pump will constantly run by the engine.

The feeding pump takes fresh water from a reservoir under the base plate. There is an additional valve at the pump, which redirects the water to an outlet. In the middle under the basic plate is a collecting tray for the condensation, which keeps the engine dry and clean.

Wilesco will produce the D32 in a limited edition of 500 pieces. Every sample will have a valuable certificate with a serial number and will be delivered in a premium wooden box.

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